Nextcloud​360. Ungoogle your stuff.
You are not the product.

At Nextcloud360 we believe that convenience should not mean sharing your data with your provider.

Share and edit documents. Sync to your devices. Without ads or spying on you.

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safely store files in cloud

Available everywhere

Your data, available everywhere, synced on all your devices.


The proces is simple, it takes just 10 minutes to set up sync. 


Safely stored

Your data is safely stored in the Netherlands, we will never profile you or do anything with your data.

You are not alone

Over 10,000 people say they’d rather safe their files on a safe and private location.
Every month 3498 people choose a safe alternative for Google or Dropbox.

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Our mission

We believe your data is yours, and yours alone. We do not want to know who you are, where you go, what you eat or what your sexlife looks like. We don’t want to sell your data to advertisors or profile you for our own gain. In short, we want to give you your privacy when you save or share data in the cloud.